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"We are in a hybrid state with an Exchange 2010 back end with an Exchange 2016 connector into o365. We chose to migrate our public folders to office 365 because we are working on a project to decommission our on-prem Exchange environment to fully move our mail infrastructure to o365. We went with ExchangeSavvy because it was a simple to use GUI-based tool that was focused specifically on public folder migration. It has the capability to roll back to on-prem in case of any issues. This seemed a much safer migration route than relying on a series of PowerShell scripts with no roll back that Microsoft provided. We also chose this tool due to its price over competitors, as well as its step-by-step approach to migration. ExchangeSavvy was able to migrate our public folders to o365 in an efficient manner. We were able to successfully migrate our public folders to o365 with few manhours dedicated to the job. This GUI-based solution was much simpler than Microsoft’s PowerShell scripts. The ExchangeSavvy Migrator tool was unique in that it could easily roll back in the event of a failure. It was able to auto-discover all of our public folders, and in a few clicks, it was able to export the current state of public folders, start a sync to o365, create public folder mailbox databases in o365, perform delta syncs, and finally cutover the public folders to o365. The graphical display of current public folder use was helpful as well to identify where we may need to clean up before migration. Additionally, we liked having the option to pick and choose which public folders to migrate instead of having to migrate every public folder. The step-by-step logical approach to ExchangeSavvy is what lead us into this product. We knew we could take our time throughout the work week staging the migration. This meant we could schedule a much shorter maintenance window on the weekend for the cutover to o365. The visibility we had into each step of the process helped us feel more comfortable with the migration than other options we had seen. ExchangeSavvy was quick with initial communication and support. They responded to our request for a demo within a business day. They were able to provide all documentation needed the minute the product was purchased. Their product support is top tier. They understand their process, their customers environments, and are able to provide guidance and support that is the right answer the first time, every time. And most importantly the product works! Without a doubt I would recommend ExchangeSavvy to others. The product works, their team understands public folder migrations, and their support was impressive."
Systems Engineer II at PITT OHIO
"I chose to migrate my public folders to Office 365 as my client had a vaguely defined effort to "be in the cloud" and depends heavily on their public folders. I chose ExchangeSavvy for my public folder migration out of desperation. I had been endeavoring for several months to migrate a fairly large public folder hierarchy with very little success.

On the very first pass, ExchangeSavvy identified several problems with my existing public folder hierarchy which were clearly the root of all my issues. In my case, the most egregious error was corrupt folders. I found the ExchangeSavvy public folder migrator unique in that it is as close as you can come to outsourcing your migration without actually outsourcing it. ExchangeSavvy as done a fantastic job of building in all of their experience into their program and PowerShell scripts. I believe I can safely state that they have anticipated every possible issue in migrating public folders to Office 365. My experience in dealing with ExchangeSavvy has been better than anyone could ask for.

Approaching them with a gun-shy attitude because I'd been having so much trouble and their utility is not the least expensive on the market, they held my hand through the entire process. I was able to load the trial version as proof of concept with nearly immediate tech support at every step. If you have any kind of a sizable public folder hierarchy to migrate to Office 365 I don't believe it's a good idea to use any other utility aside from ExchangeSavvy. You literally don't have to think about anything."
KCK Enterprises
“We were using Exchange 2010 and needed to get our Public Folders to Exchange 2016. I was impressed with the demo of the product and the knowledge of the company. We have a lot of public folders and this product enabled us to confidently migrate our data. This product gave us the confidence that it would move our data safely.

We also like that we could do all this without taking the folders offline and it enabled the migration to happen live with no downtime. We were also able to seed the data over time. We are very happy with the product and the support we received.

We would recommend the product and plan to use it again when we migrate to the cloud.”
Team Lead Systems Administration at Colliers Project Leaders
“Hopkins homes Ltd has traditionally used Public Folders as a means of sharing resources, mail-enabled folders, media, calendars and contacts to a large audience, many of whom only use email.

Public Folders, unlike Shared Mailboxes, are immediately globally available to all users and can be quickly enabled/disabled for AD Groups/Users. Office365 is/was a significant change for our user base, and it was deemed prudent to migrate some content in its current form to a new platform to maintain user familiarity. These could then be retired as user awareness increased. We contacted a number of global tech firms who offered migration services and software. Some were managed migration services, with others offering a DIY approach.

We contacted Chris at ExchangeSavvy to ensure the software offering met our criteria of a collaborative approach to the migration of the PF contents. In conjunction with Chris, some folders were migrated as is, some were converted to Shared Mailboxes. Chris offered advice on a staged migration of the userbase. This presented its own problems as the PF had to remain accessible to on-premise and off-premise users during the migration. Chris assisted in ensuring these were accessible until the userbase had migrated to the cloud. Options available for moving were standard across many packages, but "migrating" public folders to a Shared Mailbox/Resource was unique! I liked that the assistance by phone with someone knowledgeable to your scenario, which also formed part of the sales process.

My experience with ExchangeSavvy has been excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend them.”
IT Systems and Development Manager at Hopkins Homes Ltd.
"We chose ExchangeSavvy for a few reasons. Prior to the purchase of the ExchangeSavvy Public Folder Connector, we were able install a trial version of the Public Folder Analyzer product at no charge to provide us details on our Public Folder environment. The initial demo and support to educate us on the product was very instrumental in helping us make the decision to purchase the ExchangeSavvy Public Folder Connector. ExchangeSavvy allowed us to quickly move all of our Public Folder data to cold storage and shared mailboxes. This in turn allowed up to decommission all of our old and outdated Public Folder servers earlier than was originally planned. We liked the ease of use, multiple advanced options, ability to reset folders that were previously migrated and rerun the migration job on a folder.

We are very happy with our decision. We did look at other products but found that ExchangeSavvy was clearly a superior product for us. Questions we had while using the product initially were answered quickly by support. I would definitely recommend ExchangeSavvy as a Public Folder Migration tool. It saved us considerable time and provided reporting that was helpful to provide to stakeholders for the project."
Systems Administrator at a Large Financial Institution

ExchangeSavvy’s quick 4-step approach to migration made the process straightforward and easy.

“ExchangeSavvy provided Burns & McDonnell with a comprehensive Exchange public folder migration product in support of our move to the Microsoft Exchange Online platform. Their input was invaluable from initial discovery of information through to migration testing and implementation. Their attention to detail at every stage ensured we achieved a successful and timely migration.”
Sr. Systems Specialist, Burns & McDonnell
“We were in the process of completely moving our Exchange environment to Office 365 and the Public Folders were the last step in the process. We have several user groups within Trident that are leveraging Public Folders for day-to-day business processes, so we had to move them. We initially looked at using the Microsoft tools for migrating the Public Folders and decided that there was too much time and risk involved with their solution to migrating them. We researched several vendors and decided that ExchangeSavvy’s approach to the migration would speed up the process significantly. ExhangeSavvy’s quick 4-step approach to migration made the process straightforward and easy. We spent a total of four man-hours with ExchangeSavvy and their engineers to completely move our Public Folders. Their approach for discovering the on-premises public folders, setting up the target Office 365 public folder mailboxes and migrating the data live while users were still connected to the on-premise public folders set them apart from the other vendors in the space. We really liked that it can easily roll back to the on-premise public folders if we encountered any issues. We didn’t have to! We had a great experience using ExchangeSavvy, from the ease of use of the product to the ability to work directly with their engineer through the process. It was a very positive experience and we would highly recommend this product.”
Director IT Operations at Trident Seafoods Corporation
“Migrating public folders was the last step in moving our mail infrastructure to Office 365. We chose ExchangeSavvy as they were quick to contact us and were really responsive to questions. Their solution was a good price point and offered staged migration and reversibility, which was key for our change control. ExchangeSavvy allowed us to move the public folders over several steps, validate each of the steps, and perform remediation without impacting our user base. The logging allowed us to preempt our service desk to potential issues, which really helped smooth the migration for our users. I liked the personal support I received in migrating the public folders as it added a large amount of re-assurance to the process and really removed the complexity from the official migration route. The whole experience with ExchangeSavvy was really positive and I have no problems in recommending their public folder migrator software.”
Lead Systems Engineer at Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)
“After researching possible ways to migrate our public folders to Office 365, and hearing horror stories using the Microsoft way, we finally landed on ExchangeSavvy. Reading up on what it can do, along with a very well laid out demo, we decided that this would be the best solution to migrate our public folders due to the functionality offered along with personalized support. With its simplicity and GUI driven interface, their Public Folder Migrator allowed us to migrate our public folders seamlessly without interrupting the user base during work hours. Along with the support provided, we felt confident there would be little issues moving forward. The biggest feature that was unique was the ability to roll back the migration in case of a catastrophic failure. This was something Microsoft was severely lacking and was a huge deciding factor on utilizing this product. The experience with ExchangeSavvy was a very pleasant one and we would not hesitate to use them again in the future when the need arises. I would highly recommend ExchangeSavvy for not only their product, but for their support and responsiveness when questions were asked and throughout the migration process.”
Supervisor, Client Systems at Insperity
“Public Folders were part of our overall migration to move on-premises Exchange 2010 email over to the Office 365 cloud. I had attempted the migration myself which was a 13 page Microsoft document. After running into some early issues, I did a Google search for a public folder migration tool and ExchangeSavvy kept coming up in all of my searches. After our technician helped us get prepared we were able to migrate over with relative ease and we avoided having to follow the Microsoft article that included running multiple commands, running multiple scripts, creating CSV files, etc. No thanks.

ExchangeSavvy gave us a simplified and comprehensive tool that allowed us to run the migration multiple times to clear up any errors and to get all the data moved over. There was very little effect on our staff and I had zero reported issues/complaints from them during the migration. The tool itself is really easy to use but what impressed me the most was ExchangeSavvy’s commitment to customer service, guiding me and helping me along through the entire process. Initially, they did a shared screen session and helped me get all prepared and once I was off and running they were frequently available for any questions and all error log analysis until the job was finished.

As far as my experience goes? Thoroughly impressed. If all software vendors had this level of customer service, our jobs in IT would be so much easier. They were helpful, knowledgeable, and supportive - all at a very high level. I would absolutely recommend ExchangeSavvy to anyone planning on doing a public folder migration. Save yourself some time and money and let ExchangeSavvy make your migration a project you no longer need to worry about. You’re in good hands, and they’ll see you through to the finish line.”
System Administrator, Pikes Peak Library District

ExchangeSavvy made the whole process extremely smooth. There were no issues after migration and users did not even notice that migration has taken place.

“As all the mailboxes were already in cloud, VillaPlus decided to move Public Folders as well for business continuity and management. After a lot research on Public Folder Migration, VillaPlus decided to user a third party tool to ease the migration process. ExchangeSavvy stood out because of their revert feature, which is not possible using Microsoft migration scripts. ExchangeSavvy made the whole process extremely smooth.

There were no issues after migration and users did not even notice that migration has taken place. I liked how it would Stage the migration as each task was broken down as a stage to make sure there is no data loss. I was really amazed with ExchangeSavvy knowledge of Public folders and migration to Exchange Online. I would highly recommend ExchangeSavvy to anyone looking to migrate Public folders to Exchange Online. Technical resources were available throughout the whole process and they made sure each stage was successful. They had straight answers for every issue that came up during migration that shows the technical abilities of their team.”
Systems Engineer at Villa Plus
"We chose to migrate Public Folders to O365 as our business was on a single-server Exchange 2010 setup that was causing tons of issues. The organization was compromised in Summer 2017, and the Exchange environment rebuild was rushed and done very poorly, with orphaned attributes and corrupt permission entries all over the place in Public Folders. The user population had grown worrisome of increasingly frequent outages and issues disrupting their workday. We decided to instead of upgrading the current environment, start fresh in Office 365 where we gain service redundancy, security, and no longer had to worry about failing hardware.

ExchangeSavvy offered a product that promised to migrate Public Folders along with permissions and mail attributes kept intact, something the Microsoft-official solution (a script) was not able to accomplish. Especially due to the semi-orphaned nature of the Public Folders, I didn’t want to risk doing this with Microsoft’s script. ExchangeSavvy’s Public Folder Migrator was excellently presented among the competition, and when a company invests this much in their product’s presentation there’s likely investment in the product’s functionality. Their tool keeps track of all the work it does in a local database, so everything is kept track of throughout the migration. ExchangeSavvy’s also was the only solution offered with hands-on assistance from day one all the way until completion. The assistance provided wasn’t just for show either, the engineer assigned to us was excellent and provided white-glove assistance, going above and beyond to make sure our data and configuration was migrated 1:1.

ExchangeSavvy is a company that I believe is focused on quality solutions and especially nowadays with a lot support and software growing increasingly lack-luster, it was refreshing to work with them. I felt confident throughout the process that we were in good hands. I’d recommend ExchangeSavvy as a company after working with them and their attention to detail, and would especially recommend using the Public Folder Migrator software to ensure Public Folder migrations are as clean and disruption-free as possible, regardless of the size of state of your public folders!"
Monticello, The Thomas Jefferson Foundation
“We did not want to migrate to shared mailboxes and Groups and disrupt how our users are used to accessing the resources they keep in Public Folders. We are in the middle of moving to a new building and all of our departments are busy preparing for the move. The ExchangeSavvy Public Folder Migrator appeared it would spare us from several different rounds of PowerShell scripts, and it did! It migrated our Public Folders seamlessly and with no downtime for users. A very small number of users had to wait 3-5 minutes for the Office 365 Public Folders to appear in their Outlook the first time they opened it. The migration was all GUI driven and that helped keep it simple. They walked me through the process and explained what was happening and what to expect in the next few steps. My experience was very positive and I would definitely recommend it.”
Systems Administrator at FHLBank Topeka

The ExchangeSavvy Public Folder Migrator is an excellent tool for Public Folder Migration to Office 365. It’s a very light install tool, end users can keep using the public folders during the migration. . . The support received was excellent and I would definitely recommend this solution to others.”​

“In our Org, Public Folders were used extensively by certain departments and it was required to provide continuity of Public Folders in Office 365. Our Public Folder structure had generated public folder-to-mailbox mapping file exceeding 1000 rows, which was not supported by the Microsoft Batch Migration method, but the ExchangeSavvy Public Folder Migrator had no such limitation. The ExchangeSavvy Public Folder Migrator is an excellent tool for Public Folder Migration to Office 365. It’s a very light install tool, end users can keep using the public folders during the migration, sync any incremental data, and have the option to choose / not to choose the required folders from the source. It overcomes many limitations which are present in the Microsoft Script-based batch migration method. You have control during the entire migration period. The support received was excellent and I would definitely recommend this solution to others.”
Technical Manager at Colt
“Since we were migrating all the mailboxes to office 365 and we didn’t want any presence On-Prem we decided to migrate public folders to o365. While receiving a demo from the ExchangeSavvy team, we realized they were technically savvy and they had an excellent understanding of public folders. We were excited to hear that the ExchangeSavvy team would be supporting VNSNY throughout the entire migration. The whole process was easy to implement and with no changes to the current Public folder structure. Public Folders were synched continuously until the final cutover. There were several areas that we liked: (1) Ease of use, (2) Robust application, (3) Five star support, (4) Prompt response from the technical team regarding any issues we had with migration, and (5) Ease of migration and the ability to roll back in case of an issue with the final migration. It was an amazing experience, we enjoyed working with Chris as he guided us through each and every step of the migration. We would definitely recommend ExchangeSavvy for other customers and VNSNY would like to personally thank Chris for his professionalism throughout our migration.”
Senior Systems Engineer at Visting Nurse Service of New York
"The last step of our Office 365 project was the migration of our Public Folders. We wanted to move completely to the cloud so that we could release resources to our on premise Hyper-V cluster for other business systems. After looking at the tools provided by Microsoft to complete this, and how complicated the process was we decided to look for a third party tool.

After evaluating several products, we felt that the Public Folder Migrator from ExchangeSavvy was the best product for us to achieve our goal. The whole process from initial contact to project completion was very straight forward. The documentation and guidance we received were excellent. What initially appeared to be a very complicated task was completed in a few very simple steps.

This product allowed us to complete our migration on time and within budget. I would recommend this product to anyone moving their Public Folder data to Office 365."
Business Systems Analyst at Rodda's

We were excited to hear that the ExchangeSavvy team would be supporting VNSNY throughout the entire migration. The whole process was easy to implement and with no changes to the current Public folder structure. Public Folders were synched continuously until the final cutover.