Slack Backup Services

Don’t let your Slack data go unprotected. We can back up your Slack workspaces with confidence and peace of mind—whether it’s enterprise backup or managed backup. Sign up for a free consultation and get a free demo of how we backup Slack.  

Seamless Conversations, All Safe & Secure

Slack is a phenomenal tool for team collaboration and communication, but it also comes with some risks.  

What if you lose important messages, files, or conversations due to accidental or malicious deletion, Slack outages, or storage limitations?  

How can you ensure that your Slack data is safe and accessible at all times? 

That’s where we come in. ExchangeSavvy is a trusted provider of backup solutions for various SaaS platforms, including Slack.  

With ExchangeSavvy, you can easily and securely back up files from your Slack workspaces to our own Veritas Alta SaaS Protection™ tenant and restore them whenever you need. Whether you use Slack Free, Pro, Business+, or Enterprise Grid, ExchangeSavvy can help you protect your Slack plans from any unforeseen threats.  

You can backup your entire workspace or only specific channels, groups, direct messages, files, snippets, and posts. You can also apply legal hold and retention policies and perform bulk export and restore operations. 

ExchangeSavvy offers flexible and affordable pricing plans based on your data storage needs, not the number of users. You also get the benefits of data compression and deduplication, full-text indexing and search, support and robust security and encryption.

Why Should You Choose Our Slack Backup Services?

If your team relies on Slack workflow for communication and collaboration, losing valuable data can be a major setback. Here’s how our Slack backup services can empower your team: 

Data Recovery

Accidental deletions, malicious attacks, unexpected Slack outages, or storage limitations can all lead to data loss. Slack backup services provide a secure offsite copy of your workspace, allowing you to easily recover lost data or restore your entire workspace to a previous state.

Data Compliance

Slack backup services can help you adhere to legal and regulatory requirements like GDPR, HIPAA, or FINRA. By applying legal hold and retention policies, you can ensure proper data management and facilitate eDiscovery or audit operations when needed.

Data Management

You can choose to back up your entire workspace or selectively focus on specific channels, groups, direct messages, files, snippets, or even individual posts.

Pricing Plans:

Slack Backup - Standard

Great for those on Free, Pro, and Business+ Plans
$ 65 /Month
  • Up to 50 GB of Storage
  • Unlimited users
  • Full itemized backup/restore
  • Full text indexing and search

Slack Backup - Enterprise

Larger Slack Deployments and Enterprise Grid
$ 145 /Month
  • Starting at 250 GB of Storage
  • Includes everything in Slack Backup - Standard
  • Additional data in 50 GB increments (separate cost)
  • Full eDiscovery solution included

Join Forces With The Best Slack Backup Providers Around

ExchangeSavvy is the tech-powered partner that your business needs for timely, easy-to-access, and secure Slack backups. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Slack backup services offer faster restores, broader data selection options (e.g., specific channels or messages), and secure offsite storage for added peace of mind. 

Our service lets you back up your entire Slack workspace, including channels, groups, direct messages, files, snippets, and even individual posts. You can choose to back up everything or customize your selection for a more targeted approach. 

We offer customizable backup schedules to fit your needs. You can choose automated backups at specific intervals (e.g., hourly, daily, or weekly) or initiate manual backups whenever you need. 

Our fast and efficient restore process minimizes downtime. Depending on the amount of data involved, recovery usually takes minutes, ensuring quick access to your critical information. 

We understand your data is vital, so we prioritize security. Your backups are stored in secure, geographically dispersed data centers with multiple layers of protection, including encryption and intrusion detection systems.