ExchangeSavvy Public Folder Analyzer

Visualize and report what’s in public folders

Need to get a handle on what’s in public folders? They’ve been around for a while, so be prepared to find a wide spectrum of data in them.

Look before you leap! Understanding what’s in your public folders is the important first step before you migrate or decommission them.

ExchangeSavvy’s Public Folder Analyzer is an effective and scalable approach to quickly gaining the insight you need to move forward.

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public folder reporting tool

Analyze public folders effortlessly

Rapidly profile large public folder hierarchies. Visualize and report on public folder contents. Decide what is important to migrate and what can be deleted or archived.

public folder hierarchy

Map the entire tree 

Identify folders containing old and stale data.

mail enabled public folder

Pinpoint problems 

Instantly find the largest folders.

Make good decisions 

Figure out what you need to keep.

How it works

exchange server public folders

Exchange Server support

Public Folder Analyzer works with Exchange Server 2010, 2013, and 2016.

public folder reporting tool

On-demand scan

Scan through large public folder hierarchies at lightning speed whenever you need.

Interactive visual

Guided navigation gives you the insight to take action. Output detailed reports with the click of a button.

public folder migration solution

Ready to migrate

Upgrade Public Folder Analyzer at any time to work seamlessly with Public Folder Migrator.

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