Public Folder Alternatives

Public Folder Connector

When faced with a need to migrate Public Folders, it’s a chance to evaluate whether or not it makes sense for your organization to keep everything in Public Folders, export some to other features, or leave them all together. With the addition of the Public Folder Connector, you can now selectively choose what you would like to keep, move, and discard through an easy and intuitive user interface! 

Use the ExchangeSavvy Public Folder Connector to assist with your export to newer collaborative options, such as Office 365 Groups with the capability to export to either the assigned Shared Mailbox or SharePoint Site collection, or to help fulfill your archive and/or eDiscovery needs. With the Public Folder Connector, we can meet any extraction scenario. 

Flexible Public Alternative Extraction Options

Export Public Folders from Office 365 Exchange Online and Exchange Server 2010, 2013, and 2016

Whether your Public Folders are currently in Exchange or already migrated to Office 365 Exchange Online, you can extract some or all of the Public Folder hierarchy to one or more Public Folder alternatives.

Choose one or more export options to fit your needs

Not all content is created equal, so why export your content to a single destination option? With the ExchangeSavvy Public Folder Connector, you can select subsets of your Public Folder hierarchy and export it to one or more destinations using our powerful filtering options. Filter by date, item, folder, or a combination of each.

Chain of Custody Reporting

Enable full chain of custody reporting for tracking date, time, source and destination location on a per-item basis. Perfect for when you need to provide proof of extraction, whether it’s to your end user, management, or legal team.

Public Folders to Shared Mailboxes

Some Public Folder content, such as Mail-Enabled Public Folders and Calendars, might suit your business needs more by being exported to a Shared Mailbox. ExchangeSavvy can help you selectively export your Public Folders to one or more Shared Mailboxes of your choosing. Decide where the content should be extracted to the Shared Mailbox and whether it should be in the Active or Archive Mailbox.

Public Folders to SharePoint

For Public Folder content that contains messages with attachments, files, or historical content, ExchangeSavvy can help you migrate it to one or more SharePoint Site Collections.

Public Folders to PST

For Public Folder content that you want to offload or archive, the ExchangeSavvy Public Folder Connector can help you export it to one or more PST files. You control how large each PST can get for optimal storage and performance.

Public Folders to File Share

If you are looking to export your Public Folder content as individual files, ExchangeSavvy can help you do just that! Export messages to one or more file shares as *.EML files. You have the option to either retain the Public Folder hierarchy or not. A great option if your organization or business unit used Public Folders like a file share or are looking to send to a third-party archive or eDiscovery system for analysis.

Looking to migrate to Public Folders?

ExchangeSavvy’s Public Folder Migrator enables you to move some or all of your Public Folder Hierarchy from Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016 or Office 365 Exchange Online to Exchange 2013, 2016, or Office 365 Exchange Online Public Folders. Manage each step of the migration with unprecedented control using advanced folder and item-level filtering. When used in combination with the ExchangeSavvy Public Folder Connector, it provides a powerful one-two punch to solving Public Folder migrations and extractions! 

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