OneDrive for Business Backup

A scalable and affordable backup solution with powerful recovery features

Now that you have migrated your content to the cloud, it’s time to consider protecting your investment for the long term. 

Concerns are common when it comes to the durability of your data in cloud application such as Office 365. The ability to have your data replicated is common such solutions. However, replication alone is not a true backup that can support recovery from accidently deletions or malicious activity 

The Office 365 Backup solution, powered by HubStor, is an Azure-based Software-as-a-service platform. In addition to backup, it can also perform as your secondary archive, data management platform, and business continuity solution.

How it works

The Office 365 Backup service works by integrating with your messaging environment and Azure AD, providing a complete and seamless layer of protection over your Office 365 tenant. Backup any type of content in your tenant, implement retention policies, and have a unified search interface that can grow with your business. 

Full-coverage Backup

Backup all content across your Office 365 tenant


Quick-click recovery whenever you need it

Enterprise Security

Robust security and seamless integration with your tenant

Data Management

Easily identify what you need, when you need it

The time is now to protect your tenant!

Let us show you how easy it is to provide a secure layer of protection to your Office 365 tenant with a backup solution like no other that’s powered by Hubstor. Schedule a demo with us today!