Migration Speed for Public Folders – How Fast Can They Migrate to Office 365?

What migration speed should you expect when moving your public folders to Office 365?

There are many factors that will determine how fast you can get them to the cloud. Here are some to consider:

  • The source of the data
  • Data type and density
  • Migration server
  • Migration software
  • Network bandwidth and upload pipe
  • Office 365 performance thresholds (aka. EWS throttling)

Of these, assuming your approach uses mailbox connections as opposed to a migration API method, it is likely that your data migration speeds to Office 365 will be limited because of EWS throttling. The same applies with the later versions of Exchange Server on-premises.

Migration Performance Figures

When migrating public folders to Exchange 2013, for instance, Microsoft says you should expect 2 GB to 3 GB per hour. It is generally about that fast for Office 365 too.

With Exchange Server, you can disable EWS throttling. However, that doesn’t help if you are moving the data into Office 365 where there is no option to disable it.

If you have a large volume of public folder data, migration speeds of 48 GB to 72 GB per day is not going to be ideal. For instance, at these migration speeds, it would take 71 to 107 days to migrate 5 TB of public folders.

We recently ran speed tests for public folder migration to Office 365. The ExchangeSavvy Public Folder Migrator reaches migration speeds as high as 300 GB per day. This is a sustained throughput level.

How does ExchangeSavvy’s public folder migration software avoid the Office 365 EWS throttling rules? It is no secret in the Office 365 migration world that you need to leverage multiple connections. We do that, along with some other magic behind the scenes to get you the best public folder migration speed possible.

So, instead of taking 71 to 107 days to move that 5 TB of public folder data to the cloud, with ExchangeSavvy’s Public Folder Migrator, your migration will complete in just 17 days.

Keep in mind that upload speeds on your network connection can yield very different results. Seeing 200 GB to 250 GB per day is a safe planning assumption based on migration speeds we experience at various customer sites.

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