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Exchangesavvy Migrator

Migrate Mailboxes And Public Folders. No Problem.

Whether User Mailboxes, Shared Mailboxes, Or Public Folders, Your Migration Has The Best Chance Of Success When You Choose To Use The Mailbox Connector And Public Folder Migrator.

Exchangesavvy’s High-Quality Enterprise Software Approach Uniquely Integrates Analytics And Automates The Migration Process, Removing The Complexity Of Dealing With Scripts And Powershell.

Control The Cutover Process Like Never Before. The Ability To Reverse Course For Whatever Reason Is Available At Just A Click Of A Button.

Public Folder Migrator

Take The Complexity Out Of Public Folder Migration. In A Simple Four-Step Process, Your Public Folders Will Migrate With Full Fidelity And Chain-Of-Custody.

Mailbox Connector For Migrations

Ditch Those Scripts! Migrate Mailboxes Of Any Size Faster And More Affordably Than Ever Before. Move Your Complete List Of Mailboxes Or Just The Ones You Need From Virtually Any Exchange Or Office 365 Connectivity Scenario With Ease.

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