Migrate Exchange 2010 public folders to Office 365

ExchangeSavvy’s Public Folder Migrator does the job — without downtime — in four simple steps

Moving to the cloud and need the best public folder migration available? 

Other public folder migration approaches are buggy, script-based, and unreliable. If there’s a problem during the migration, you have to start again. Even worse, they require downtime in the source public folders! 

ExchangeSavvy’s enterprise software provides hassle-free Exchange 2010 public folder migration to Office 365. 

Public Folder migrator features

Migrate Public Folders from Exchange Server 2010, 2013, 2016, or Office 365 Exchange Online

Easily migrate public folders from Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 to Office 365 Exchange Online. Also supporting reverse migrations from Office 365 Exchange Online to Exchange 2013 or 2016. Can even handle Exchange on-premise migrations, regardless if it's same forest/domain or another location.

Migration wizard

No script-based approaches that require baby-sitting and endless professional services. Public Folder Migrator is a simple GUI that walks you through our simple 4-step process. You also get job monitoring, event logging, error mapping to items in the tree, special character handling, and full chain-of-custody reporting.

Analyze your current public folder hierarchy

Visualize and drill into your public folders before migration to size up the effort. Public Folder Migrator includes the ExchangeSavvy Public Folder Analyzer.

Partition public folder mailboxes automatically

A patent-pending algorithm takes care of distributing your current public folder hierarchy into new public folder mailboxes in the Microsoft cloud.

Zero-downtime migration

Unlike other approaches that require public folders to be down during the migration, Public Folder Migrator does not lock the source public folders, allowing business activities to continue uninterrupted during the move.

Support for incremental updates

If the migration is stopped midway, or changes occurred in the source public folders during the migration, Public Folder Migrator merges the delta stress-free.

Seamless Outlook experience

Mail-enabled folders, data ownership, and permissions all migrate seamlessly. When you cut over to Office 365 public folder mailboxes, users restart Outlook and their public folders look and behave as before.

Public folder migration scenarios

Exchange to Office 365

Manages the entire process from beginning to end, accounting for all requirements in Office 365, making sure that when you migrate your content, it will work each and every time. 

Support for acquisition or sale

Easily migrate multiple public folder hierarchies into one in your destination. Determine where in the destination public folders the content should go. Also can split Public Folders subsections to other public folders. 

Same-forest/domain migration

Migrate public folders to newer versions of Exchange, even if your two Exchange environments are in the same forest/domain. 

Get hassle-free Exchange 2010 public folder migration to Office 365

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