Migrate Exchange 2010 Public Folders To Office 365

Four Easy Steps

Exchangesavvy’s Public Folder Migrator Does The Job. No Scripts. No Downtime.

Need To Migrate Exchange 2010 Public Folders To Office 365, And Want The Fastest, Most Reliable Migration Available?

Other Public Folder Migration Approaches Are Buggy, Script-Based, And Unreliable. Some Require Downtime In The Source Public Folders! Others Do Not Nicely Translate Your Legacy Public Folder Hierarchy Into Office 365 Modern Public Folder Mailboxes.

Public Folder Migrator By Exchangesavvy Is Enterprise-Grade Software That Provides A Hassle-Free Migration Of Your Exchange 2010 Public Folders Into Office 365, With Full Modern Authentication Support.

Public Folder Migrator features


Leave Behind Script-Based Methods

Public folder migration scenarios

Exchange to Office 365

Manages the entire process from beginning to end, accounting for all requirements in Office 365, making sure that when you migrate your content, it will work each and every time.

Support for acquisition or sale

Easily migrate multiple public folder hierarchies into one in your destination. Determine where in the destination public folders the content should go. Also can split Public Folders subsections to other public folders. 

Same-forest/domain migration

Migrate public folders to newer versions of Exchange, even if your two Exchange environments are in the same forest/domain.

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public folder migration

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