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Mailbox Migration That’s Fast And Efficient From Or To Exchange Or Microsoft 365

Exchangesavvy’s Mailbox Connector Enables Mailbox Migration Of Active Or Archive Mailboxes Of Any Size, Regardless Of End Point Connectivity, With Full Chain-Of-Custody Reporting.

Fits Any Migration Scenario Imaginable With Exchange And Microsoft 365!

Mailbox Migration Can Be Restrictive Based On How Your Source And Destination Environments Are Configured. With The Exchangesavvy Mailbox Connector For Mailbox Migrations, You Are Free To Migrate Mailboxes Regardless Of Your Source And Destination End Points! Move Active Or Archive Mailboxes To And From Exchange Or Microsoft 365. Migrate Mailboxes From Two Separate Exchange Organizations Or Two Or More Separate Microsoft 365 Tenants.

Mailbox Migration Features

Common Mailbox Migration Scenarios

Exchange To Microsoft 365 Exchange Online

Mailbox Connector Allows Controlling Migrations For One Or Multiple Users. Control The Rate And Completeness Of Migration Prior To Cutover. Manage Migration Of Both The Active And Archive Mailboxes.

Microsoft 365 Tenant To Tenant

Whether You Are Consolidating Or Splitting Microsoft 365 Tenants, The Mailbox Connector For Mailbox Migrations Makes This Task Just As Easy As Doing A Traditional Mailbox Migration. Control Which Users You Are Migrating And Set Their Destination Tenant, It’s That Easy!

Domain Consolidation

Collapsing Multiple Domains Often Involves The Creation Of New Mailboxes. Utilize The Mailbox Connector For Mailbox Migrations To Simply Map The Source And Destination Mailboxes. Gone Are The Days Of Using Search And PST Export To Handle A Migration Like This!

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