ExchangeSavvy Mailbox Connector

Easily extract targeted content from Microsoft Office 365 or Exchange Server and connect it to 3rd party archives or eDiscovery tools

Exporting entire mailboxes to .PST format isn’t always desirable.

ExchangeSavvy’s Mailbox Connector enables you to analyze what’s in mailboxes, extract targeted subsets as .eml/.msg, and output them for consumption by another service. In some cases, Mailbox Connector even supports directly pushing the data into the target service.

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discovery collection from office 365

Key features

exchange server public folders

Collect from Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Server 2010, 2013, 2016

Easily export mailbox contents from any modern version of Exchange or Office 365 with our simple, user-friendly approach.

office 365 export mailbox to PST

Filtered extractions output as .eml or .msg

Exporting the entire mailbox can be a waste of time and add costs when all you need is a targeted subset. Mailbox Connector lets you export exactly what you need in an easy-to-consume format.

migrate public folders

Visually analyze mailbox contents to scope your export

Visualize and drill into the target mailboxes to scope your extraction. Mailbox Connector includes the ExchangeSavvy Mailbox Analyzer.

ediscovery export to PST

Export mailboxes to file system format

The generic output has each mailbox and folder structure recreated in file system folders with the messages organized inside for easy consumption by 3rd party tools.

hp autonomy digital safe

Output directly to HP Autonomy Digital Safe

If you are an HP Autonomy customer, Mailbox Connector can send your Office 365 exports directly to the Digital Safe for compliance archiving.

mailbox export from Microsoft Office 365

Flexible connector suite

Need to send the export somewhere that we do not support today? No problem. Let us know and we will be happy to take a look at supporting your use case.

Perform smarter email collections today

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