ExchangeSavvy Mailbox Analyzer

Analyze and report on what's in Exchange Server and Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online Mailboxes

Need to get a handle on the Exchange or Office 365 mailboxes? Active and archive user mailboxes as well as shared mailboxes – ExchangeSavvy’s Mailbox Analyzer enabled you to scan analyze, and report across the enterprise.

Perform in-place analysis on target mailboxes or across your entire organization. Make smarter decisions about retention of ex-employee data, eDiscovery, migrations and compliance.

Analyze what’s in mailboxes

Look before you leap

Demystify and size up what's in mailboxes before you perform a migration or enter discovery. Find data to archive or delete, and respond to audits, investigations, or legal discovery effortlessly.

See across everything

Visualize all of the content in active mailboxes, archive mailboxes, and the recoverable items folder. Identify the largest mailboxes and folders by size or item count.

Refresh and report

Scan as needed to refresh your insights. Produce reports with a single click. Mailbox Analyzer works at any scale.

How it works

 You simply establish an EWS connection with your Exchange environment or Office 365 tenant and then crawl the target mailboxes. Mailbox Analyzer then provides you with a rich and interactive visual of what’s there. Now you can dig into your mailboxes with ease. Mailbox Analyzer provides the insight you have always needed. 

Enterprise grade

Mailbox Analyzer works with Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online and Exchange Server 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016

On-demand scan

Scan through target mailboxes or your entire organization at lightning speed whenever you need to.

Interactive visual

Drill down using message class, age, size, read/unread, has attachments, etc.

Ready to connect

Upgrade Mailbox Analyzer at any time to work seamlessly with the Mailbox Connector, for mailbox migrations and extractions to EML and PST.

Mailbox enlightenment starts today

Want to see it in action or start a free trial?