File Share Backup Services

We offer impeccable file share backup services for multiple platforms. Let it be, Azure backup, Windows File Server backup, or any other cloud based server backup—we’re the top pick, because of our reliability and responsiveness.

Impeccable File Transfer Backup Solutions On The Go

Do you want to protect your file shares from unforeseen threats, such as ransomware, accidental deletion, or malicious actions? Do you want to have a fast and reliable backup solution that can restore your data in minutes?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need Exchange Savvy’s file sharing backup solution.  

It seamlessly integrates with NFS, SMB/CIFS file servers and Azure file shares to provide a synthetic full backup of your data—we come with top-tier backup software for your needs. 

A synthetic full backup is a backup method that combines a full backup with subsequent incremental backups to create a complete backup image of your data.  

Backing up a server  can reduce the backup time, bandwidth, and storage space required for your backups. 

With our solution, you can:

  • arget your backup on some or all of your file shares using policies. 
  • No user management. Only pay for the data that you backup. 
  • Apply legal hold and retention policies to your file sharing. 
  • Rapid restore original or stubbed items from data loss or ransomware. 
  • Bulk export and restore capabilities. 
  • Full itemized backup/restore. 
  • Full-text indexing and search. 

Our file sharing backup solution is powered by our own Veritas NetBackup SaaS Protection™ tenant, which is a cloud-based backup service that offers enterprise-grade security, scalability, and performance.  

We keep your data safe and secure in the cloud. Don’t let your files be vulnerable to data loss or corruption.  

Contact us today to get started with our file sharing backup solution and enjoy peace of mind.

Why Should You Choose Our File Share Backup Services?

File share backup services offer several advantages over traditional backup methods, such as granular item-level backup, full-text search, and file shortcutting (stubs) to save on file share storage. 


A good server backup software protects your data from ransomware, accidental deletion, or malicious actions by applying legal hold and retention policies.


File share backup services use synthetic full backup, which combines a full backup with subsequent incremental backups to create a complete backup image of your data.


File share backup services also work with cloud-based file sharing platforms, such as Azure file shares, to centralize your data and backups. We charge you only for the data that you backup, so you can save costs and optimize your backup performance.

Pricing Plans:

SMB/NFS/CIFS File Share Backup - Standard

Great Ransomware protection for your file shares!
$ 70 /Month
  • Starts at 100 GB of Storage
  • $12/Month per additional 100 GB (up to 900 GB Max)
  • Unlimited users
  • Full itemized backup/restore
  • Full text indexing and search
  • Rapid restore from data loss or Ransomware

SMB/NFS/CIFS File Share Backup - Enterprise

For larger or more complex backup/archive requirements
$ 350 /Month
  • Starting at 1 TB of Storage
  • $10/Month per additional 250 GB (call for > 20 TB)
  • Includes everything in SMB/NFS/CIFS File Share Backup - Standard
  • Full eDiscovery solution included
  • Full control of backup/archive and stubbing policies
  • Local file share backup caching service

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Frequently Asked Questions

We seamlessly integrate with NFS, SMB/CIFS file backup servers and Azure File Shares, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your diverse storage needs.

We go beyond snapshots, creating synthetic full backups – pristine copies of your entire file share at a specific point in time. This allows for faster recoveries and simpler restores.

You have complete control! Schedule automatic backups as often as you need, ensuring your data is always protected against unexpected events. 

We understand your compliance requirements and data retention needs. Choose from a range of retention periods, ensuring both compliance and efficient storage management. 

Rest assured, your data is safe. You can quickly restore your data to a separate location as either its original state or as a shortcut to the file in the backup. Our stub restore option is the quickest and most flexible way to restore file share access to your users.