File Share Backup

Seamless integration with NFS, SMB/CIFS file servers to provide a synthetic full backup of your data.

Protect your File Shares from unforeseen threats.

Your on-premise file shares can easily be removed, whether through accidental or malicious actions. ExchangeSavvy provides a file share backup solution, powered by our own Veritas NetBackup SaaS Protect tenant, that can completely backup your file shares. Target your backup on some of all of your file shares. Apply legal hold and retention policies. Bulk export and restore capabilities.

Key Benefits:

No User Management

Say goodbye to the constant worry of user-based pricing. Instead, only pay for the data that you backup. To make it even better, we automatically perform data compression and deduplication, further reducing your backup footprint. New users are automatically backed up with absolutely no additional configuration.

File Share Backup Support

Support for NFS, SMB/CIFS file servers.

Content Capture Options

Capture some or all of your file shares using policies. Apply stubbing policies to reduce on-premise file share space.

Content Management Controls

Easily identify what you are looking for with a full-feature Discovery capabilities, including ad-hoc search, case creation, saved search, and case export. Apply legal hold and retention periods to your Box content.

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