ExchangeSavvy PST Splitter

Organize PST files into smaller date-based sets

PST files can grow large and become difficult to manage. 

ExchangeSavvy’s PST Splitter segments PST files into smaller date-based sets to assist with eDiscovery or to organize them for cold storage where they are optimized for targeted recall.

PST Splitter

Easy-to-manage PST files

Organize PST's per user

Create an easy-to-navigate structure of PST files. By month. By quarter. By Year. You decide.

Optimize eDiscovery

Make it easier to pinpoint relevant content and reduce your data volume before processing to minimize eDiscovery costs.

Output for cold-storage archiving

Structure PSTs for long-term preservation so that you can easily recall targeted subsets without processing or having to deal with large files.

How it works

It doesn't get easier than this

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