Email Export Made Easy

Perform fast mailbox content extraction to various formats

Now you can target mailboxes and export content to user-based PST files or EML/MSG format with a simple click-through interface.

Use ExchangeSavvy to assist in a migration or archive strategy, or to streamline your eDiscovery cases.

pst export


discovery collection from office 365

Need to organize .PST files?

ExchangeSavvy’s PST Splitter utility enables you to break large PST files down into smaller PST file sets by month, quarter, or year of content. You can run this in batch against large numbers of PST files. A handy tool for archiving, migration, or eDiscovery!

More about PST Splitter

Enterprise-grade export features

exchange server public folders

Export mailbox content from Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Server 2010, 2013, 2016

Active and archive user mailboxes. Shared mailboxes. Public folder mailboxes. ExchangeSavvy gives you the power to export as you need.

office 365 export mailbox to PST

Export filters

Exporting the entire mailbox can be a waste of time and add costs when all you need is a targeted subset of the contents. ExchangeSavvy lets you export exactly what you need with advanced filtering features.

migrate public folders

Visually analyze mailbox contents to scope your export

Visualize and drill into the target mailboxes to scope your export jobs before you run them.

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Export to user-based .PSTs

ExchangeSavvy handles .PST file format efficiently, giving you the power to organize multi-mailbox exports into user-based PST files. You can also control the output size of the PSTs.

ediscovery export to PST

Export mailboxes to file system format

The generic output has each mailbox and folder structure recreated in file system folders with the messages organized inside for easy consumption by 3rd party tools.

Export like a pro!

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