Mail-Enabled Public Folder and Public Folder Mailbox

Mail-Enabled Public Folder and Public Folder Mailbox

Mail enabled public folders and public folder mailboxes seem to be the same, but they are not. We will explore what each of these is, why they are different, and how this can help you manage or migrate your public folders. What are mail enabled public folders? A mail enabled public folder is exactly what […]

Office 365 Public Folder mailbox limits and what they mean for migration

Public Folder Limits in Office 365 Exchange Online.

Microsoft’s Office 365 Public Folder mailboxes are the new home for legacy or any Exchange on-premise public folders. But not so fast! Sizing limits of Office 365 Public Folders are important to consider before doing a migration. Your current public folder hierarchy may not fit so nicely into the “modern” Office 365 Public Folder Mailbox architecture […]

Migrate Public Folders to Office 365 Shared Mailbox

An Office 365 Shared Mailbox is the closest match to Public Folders as you can maintain any part of the public folder hierarchy, items, and permissions. Separate credentials are not required for a Shared Mailbox as these only need to be assigned. This makes it an attractive option for Public Folder content. When wanting to Migrate Public […]

Public Folder Permission Reports

There are simple ways to view Public Folder Permissions. You can either use the Exchange Admin Center in Exchange or Office 365. You can also use PowerShell to do the same. The problem is when you are trying to get in-depth analysis across a large number of folders. If those folders have groups, then you […]

Migrate Multiple Public Folder Hierarchies into Office 365

Migrating multiple Public Folder Hierarchies into Office 365 can be a difficult task. Your options are to merge them yourself, pick one to remove, or do nothing. The process is slow, messy, and wrought with tension in trying to come to an agreement with the business or businesses involved. Public Folders often exist to fulfill […]

Migration and Public Folders – Stuck On Premise

When it comes to Exchange Public Folders, it’s all too common to find that companies are still hosting them on premise while mailboxes are in Office 365. Some have been in this configuration for months, if not years! Companies are in this situation because they believe there is either no migration path or they have […]

What Are Microsoft Exchange Public Folders?

Public Folders is one of the many features within Microsoft Exchange. Its purpose is to give Outlook users access to common folders for sharing information. Exchange Administrators can control user access by assigning permissions to a Public Folder. You can also make a Public Folder available to everyone in an organization as well. Public Folders also […]

Public Folder Migration: What to Expect?

Public Folder migration can be hard. It requires a lot of planning, patience, and resolve to get through it. Knowing what you are up against will be the key to avoiding end user impacting issues. If you are choosing to migrate public folders to Office 365, then it’s even more crucial. Public Folder Migration Process Overview […]

Top Considerations when Choosing a Public Folder Migration Solution

Choosing a public folder migration solution can be a difficult task. This is especially the case when your destination is Office 365. Many assumptions can be made that, if not researched, can lead you down a long and painful path. Picking the solution that you will use to accomplish this task is critical as no two solutions are alike. Knowing […]

Common Pitfalls of Public Folder Migrations

At first glance, Public Folders appear to be easy to migrate. They’re a part of Microsoft Exchange. They have their own database. If they’re modern public folders, they exist within mailboxes, which means they’re part of a Database Availability Group (DAG). The DAG should be able to easily migrate over. It’s because of this that Public […]