Office 365 Backup

Protect O365 in Azure with HubStor

ExchangeSavvy partners with HubStor to provide leading cloud backup for Office 365.

Easily protect Exchange Online mailboxes, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, and the O365 unified audit log in Microsoft Azure’s cost-efficient blob storage.

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Why you need to protect Office 365 with a cloud backup

Simply put, storage redundancy in Office 365 gives you high availability but not data durability.

How can you protect O365 data from accidental or malicious deletion and new types of ransomware built to target O365 data? Well, today you have native deleted items retention features, but that’s it.

Organizations looking for more robust and reliable data protection with advanced recovery flexibility can meet their needs with HubStor’s Azure-based cloud backup for Office 365.

Fully managed in Microsoft Azure

Office 365 backup that you will love. Protect your Office 365 content in a Microsoft Azure region of your choice. You can also host it in your Azure account.

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Exchange Online Backup

The native Office 365 backup for Exchange Online can leave you wanting more.

With HubStor, you can protect messages, calendars, tasks, and other content types found in user mailboxes (both active and archive), public folder mailboxes, recoverable items folders, and system folders with unlimited retention and fast, flexible recovery.

Protect SharePoint Online

Run policy-based backups of SharePoint Online to protect content with SharePoint permissions intact. HubStor auto-discovers new sites to automatically enroll them in the scope of your protection policies. You can also use your backup as an archive with self-service user access to avoid expensive SharePoint Online storage costs when you exceed the 5 TB O365 limit.

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onedrive backup

Backup OneDrive for Business

The native Office 365 backup for Exchange Online can leave you wanting more.

Backup OneDrive for Business data with versioning, PII detection, deduplication, compression, and encryption.

Secure Office 365’s Unified Audit Log

Office 365’s unified audit log is retained in O365 for a maximum 180-day retention.

Automatically harvest event history data from Office 365 and archive it in a low-cost, searchable manner to Azure as part of your Office 365 data protection strategy. Keeping your audit log long-term is part of a good data security, compliance, and discovery strategy.

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Start protecting your Office 365 data!

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