Top Considerations when Choosing a Public Folder Migration Solution

Choosing a public folder migration solution can be a difficult task. This is especially the case when your destination is Office 365. Many assumptions can be made that, if not researched, can lead you down a long and painful path. Picking the solution that you will use to accomplish this task is critical as no two solutions are alike. Knowing […]

Common Pitfalls of Public Folder Migrations

At first glance, Public Folders appear to be easy to migrate. They’re a part of Microsoft Exchange. They have their own database. If they’re modern public folders, they exist within mailboxes, which means they’re part of a Database Availability Group (DAG). The DAG should be able to easily migrate over. It’s because of this that Public […]

Migration Speed for Public Folders – How Fast Can They Migrate to Office 365?

What migration speed should you expect when moving your public folders to Office 365? There are many factors that will determine how fast you can get them to the cloud. Here are some to consider: The source of the data Data type and density Migration server Migration software Network bandwidth and upload pipe Office 365 performance […]

Office 365 Groups Versus Public Folder Mailboxes for Migration of Public Folders

Are Office 365 Groups or Public Folder Mailboxes good options for your public folder migration? Is one better than the other? Making decisions on how to map your organization’s use of Public to the new options can be extremely complicated. What can seem to be simple from a high-level perspective can be ridiculously complex as […]

Moving your Public Folders to Office 365? What you need to know.

Public Folders has long been a feature in Microsoft Exchange as a way to help facilitate collaboration amongst users well before collaboration tools hit the market. Public Folders offer an ability to create folders where files and emails can be placed into them and access granted to groups of users for common access. You can also mail-enable the […]