ExchangeSavvy Analysis Solutions

Analyze mailboxes and public folders with unprecedented precision. 

Having a complete understanding of the data that you have is key towards planning a migration or extraction. Our analytics engine allows you to crawl any number of mailboxes and public folder hierarchies of any size. 

Use our powerful analytical features to see data usage patterns, identify old data, and make determinations as to whether it should be migrated, archived, or removed. Create powerful reports and customize the level of detail with ease.

Which Analysis solution do you need?

Mailbox Analyzer

Crawl any number of mailboxes, regardless of size, quickly and efficiently. It’s capable of reporting on both active and archive mailboxes, as well as the recoverable items folder for each mailbox crawled. Use our preset buckets to view data by Date, Size, and Item Type, or create your own. If it’s a field on a message, you can create a filter to view it.

Public Folder Analyzer

Crawl Public Folder hierarchies of any size with speed and precision like never before. Visualize folder usage trends through the years to see which folders are no longer used. Get complete item and size counts on any folder. Use our preset buckets to view data by Date, Size, and Item Type, or create your own. 

“ExchangeSavvy provided Burns & McDonnell with a comprehensive Exchange public folder migration product in support of our move to the Microsoft Exchange Online platform. Their input was invaluable from initial discovery of information through to migration testing and implementation. Their attention to detail at every stage ensured we achieved a successful and timely migration.”

Chris, Sr. Systems Specialist, Burns & McDonnell