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At ExchangeSavvy, we’re seasoned IT professionals and software developers fuelled by a shared passion: building enterprise software that elevates the Microsoft collaboration experience.  

Our roots run deep, with expertise spanning Microsoft 365 (since its BPOS days), Exchange Server (since V5.0), and SharePoint (from its early Tahoe days). We also have extensive experience when it comes to email and file archiving and backup solutions. 

Delivering exceptional value is our guiding principle. We prioritize product quality and customer experience, understanding that exceeding expectations is the cornerstone of your success and ours. We’re committed to building solutions that empower you and your teams to collaborate seamlessly and efficiently. 

We believe in the power of collaboration, extending it beyond our software to foster strong partnerships. We recognize that delivering the best value to clients requires a win-win-win approach with our partners. Our dedication to your success is reflected in our open communication and collaborative spirit. 

Whether you need assistance, have a brilliant suggestion, or want to explore how our products can overcome your challenges, we’re always here to listen.  

Reach out to us at sales@exchangesavvy.com and let’s unlock the full potential of collaboration together. 

Meet The Leadership Team

Chris Mcveen


Chris Works Closely With Microsoft Account Teams, Partners, And Customers Globally To Bring About Successful Delivery. He Has 23-Years Of IT Experience And Specializes In Exchange And Microsoft 365.

Greg Campbell


Greg Has 25+ Years Of Experience In Establishing Enterprise Software Companies For Microsoft Environments.

Geoff Bourgeois


Geoff Has 25+ Years Experience Taking Enterprise Software Innovations And Companies To Market.

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