Cloud-Based and On-Premises Solutions For All Your Data Management Needs

Data is the currency of any modernday digital venture—and it needs protection and security. ExchangeSavvy is your go-to cloud services provider, helping you with data migration, data extraction, data backup and recovery services and much more. 

We Keep Data Management Simple & Reliable


ExchangeSavvy's Analyze Solution transforms your data understanding by playing a major role in migration and extraction planning.


We understand that using data migration software can sound like a scary task, but with our expertise, we've transformed it into a straightforward and efficient process for your organization. You can migrate public folders to Office 365 seamlessly.


Data disasters don't stand a chance. We offer reliable backup and recovery services for several platforms—from Onedrive backups, Exchange Online backups, SharePoint Online backups, Azure File Share backups, Google Drive backups and AWS s3 backups.

Who We Are?

At Exchange Savvy, we’re seasoned IT professionals and software developers fuelled by a shared passion: building enterprise software that elevates the Microsoft collaboration experience.  

Our roots run deep, with expertise spanning Office 365 (since its BPOS days), Exchange Server (since V5.0), and SharePoint (from its early Tahoe days).

Delivering exceptional value is our guiding principle. We prioritize product quality and customer experience, understanding that exceeding expectations is the cornerstone of your success and ours. We’re committed to building solutions that empower you and your teams to collaborate seamlessly and efficiently. 

We believe in the power of collaboration, extending it beyond our software to foster strong partnerships. We recognize that delivering the best value to clients requires a win-win-win approach with our partners. Our dedication to your success is reflected in our open communication and collaborative spirit. 

Phenomenal Data Backup, Recovery & Migration Solutions For Microsoft

ExchangeSavvy is your one-stop shop for all things Microsoft collaboration. We’re passionate about helping businesses like yours streamline workflows, boost productivity, and unlock the true power of Office 365, SharePoint, and Exchange. Schedule a consultation today.

For Mailboxes

Tired of complex mailbox migrations? Our seamless process moves your mailboxes (including your archives!) to the cloud or between platforms with minimal disruption. Whether you're switching from Exchange servers, another cloud provider, or even legacy systems, we make it quick, easy, and stress-free.

For Public Folders

The public folder migration struggle is real. We get it. You're tired of endless manual work, data loss concerns, and frustrated users. But what if there was a better way? With ExchangeSavvy, you’ll have no downtime, no data loss, no headaches. Just a smooth transition to a more collaborative and efficient future.

Why Choose Us?

Here’s why countless businesses choose Exchange Savvy for all cloudbased solutions.

  • Expertise: We’re veterans of the Microsoft collaboration realm, with deep-rooted knowledge of Exchange, SharePoint, and Office 365 since their early days. Our experience isn’t just years; it’s wisdom carved from solving complex challenges, big and small.
  • Collaboration: We believe in true collaboration, not just a transactional relationship. We become an extension of your team, working alongside you, celebrating your wins, and supporting you through every hurdle.
  • Simplicity: We cut through the technical jargon and make things crystal clear. No more deciphering cryptic error messages or head-scratching over confusing interfaces. We speak your language, ensuring you’re always in the loop. 
  • Result Driven: We don’t settle for “good enough.” We’re relentless in our pursuit of optimizing your collaboration environment, measuring success by your increased productivity and satisfied users. 
  • Innovation: We’re not stuck in the past, constantly evolving with the latest advancements in the Microsoft ecosystem. We bring that cutting-edge thinking to your table, keeping you ahead of the curve. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We offer seamless and secure data migration tools from any platform to Office 365 migration, including legacy Exchange servers, on-premises SharePoint, and other cloud solutions.

We can migrate mailboxes, calendars, contacts, documents, OneDrive files, Teams content, and more. We also handle user settings, permissions, and configurations for a smooth transition.

We offer different solutions based on your needs. We can migrate existing Public Folders, convert them to shared mailboxes, or implement modern alternatives like Teams channels.

Yes! We provide data insights and reports to optimize your collaboration environment. We analyze email usage, filesharing patterns, user activity, and more to help you make informed decisions.

We offer advanced data extraction tools to pull out the information you need. Whether it’s eDiscovery requirements, compliance tasks, or custom reporting, or you’re looking for an exchange to Office 365 migration, we can help you access your data efficiently. 

Even though Microsoft provides basic data protection, comprehensive backups are crucial for security and disaster recovery. We offer backup solutions for emails, files, Teams content, and more, with flexible scheduling and restoration options. 

Yes, we offer secure and reliable backup solutions for Google Drive and other cloud platforms, ensuring your data is protected across different environments.